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Application Architecture Design & Planning

> Strategy and analysis

Our team can help you determine the architectural style best suited for your business. Planning and designing the interactions between applications, databases, storages, and middlewares along with the technology options available, ensuring maintainability and scalability of your system.

> Data modeling

Object oriented analysis and documentation, from conceptual modeling, to logical and physical data modeling, 

> Technology selection

Whether it is on-premises, cloud, or hybrid, different applications will have different requirements when it comes to the performance, high availability, security, disaster recovery, and cost options. We can help you explore and choose the technology best suited for your applications.

> Configuration solutions

Sometimes a plethora of different web tools and server packages, each with its own versioning and dependencies can cause a major headache, our experienced team can help you manage this problem to ensure your application runs smoothly.

> Deployment and implementation

Web application deployment services including scheduling, staging, systems integration, testing, and monitoring of newly released version to ensure stability and data integrity. 

> Monitoring and evaluation

Production/operational metrics are periodically monitored to help you keep in control over the performance, storage capacity, backups, and security updates. We also  help you find and evaluate potential problems so you can quickly anticipate them if they occur.

You wouldn't build a business critical application without due diligence and careful planning would you? Developing enterprise level application needs a thorough considerations of all aspects from start to end, from formulating the business process to the deployment of the end product.

End-to-end design and planning for your application and operating environment
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