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Automated and manual testing to ensure the highest quality standard for your web application.

Take advantage of our test automation experience for fast and reliable result. Testing and regression testing can be done quickly to confirm functional requirements are met and to find out the performance limit of your application. 

> Smoke Testing

A non-comprehensive basic test of main functionality. The objective is to quickly identify faults and get feedback from users and testers, this test is done periodically and continuously during the development phase of a web application development project.

> Unit/Module & Integration Testing

Testing individual modules as a unit prior to testing multiple modules combined. The goal is to check all data flow between modules behave as expected.


End-to-end comprehensive test based on Test Case Scenarios to ensure software specifications, business flow requirements, and user experience satisfaction are met, the hardest to pass of all the functional testing.

> Performance

Having fast response time and good reliability translates to more returning visitors and is critical for your web application operational continuity. This test is performed to find out whether a system is lagging or unresponsive when subjected to different types of loads.

> Load Testing

Basic test of loading the system to its intended operational load. Response time of critical functionalities is measured for a specified number of concurrent users.

> Stress Testing - Spike Test

Stress testing the server side system to find out how it performs under a sudden increase of heavy load over a short period of time.

> Stress Testing - Stability Test

This test is done to check a system durability when a sustained number of concurrent users is engaging your web application for a longer period of time.

> Volume Testing

Check your database capacity with a volume test, find out bottlenecks and resource limitation for better capacity planning of your database system.

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