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Our maintenance services ensure your business application runs smoothly with minimal downtime. This services include corrective work to fix application defects or bug-fixing, and non-corrective work to improve performance and functionality or to adapt the existing application to new software environment.

What our team of developers can help you with
> Cost savings

By maintaining and optimizing the  performance level, the value of your application is preserved over time, thereby extending the life of the application, reducing the risk of premature replacement and associated assets.

> Lower risk of downtime

Preventive maintenance increased application reliability to prevent problems in the future, downtime may cause lost of productivity, and even sales or operational losses.

> Maintain user satisfaction

Maintain user satisfaction level by ensuring your system remains responsive and avoid unnecessary unscheduled maintenance.  

Maintenance Services
> Bug fixes, Regression test, and Redeployment

If you spot any bugs on our application then we are committed to catching them. We also ensure the quality of your application with regression test to ensure bug fixes are compatible with existing features.

> Configuration and Versioning

Ensure runtime dependencies and source codes are tracked and managed as your production environment and operations capacity is evolving over time.

> Database Maintenance, Backup & Restore

We help you keep your DB server at its optimum health by freeing up disk space, integrity check, and internal statistics review and analysis.

> Performance Monitoring and Tuning

Monitor compute and network metrics to ensure your application perfoms as expected and minimize disruption if they occur; identify and analyse potential problems such as spikes in traffic, latency problems, slow queries and web page load time.

> Documentation 

Add value to your application with our detailed and comprehensive user and technical documentation.

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